Saturday, January 31, 2015

the feeder

I watch your chest rise and fall so fast, you eat like this is your last meal, you fight for your food as if there is nothing else around to eat.  your feathers are so healthy, your body mass so large, you strive to eat enough to keep yourself warm and alive in the winter months ahead of you.

 I watch you with a smile on my face, I watch you in ahhh amazed of your speed of flight, your hastiness of what you devour.  I watch your sparring techniques as if a karate champion, you fight for your take as if it's a meaning of life or death...

I sit in my warm house, comfortable, not a worry on my mind, as I go open a refrigerator and take my time to choice what I want to eat... Do I cook it or eat it cold, not having to fight off others, not  having to eat it in seconds, but to sit down and enjoy it... to keep myself fed, healthy and alive for the upcoming winter months

you can watch my birds feed, on my webcam that is at the feeder... it's only up during Alaska daytime hours, soon it will be up all the time.
Here is the link to watch it.

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