Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Where did I go

Have you ever laid in bed and remembered who you were at one time? Where did I go?  Why the life changes?  In my case was getting married and she had kids!  So I had to give up the late night kayaking or mountain biking .
There was no more after work doing things, cause of having to pick up the kids and take them home, make sure they do their homework, and get dinner ready.
What conclusions have I found in this wondering thoughts about life?
I have to take my life back, and do things for me and keep myself healthy.  What changes has to happen, I will get up at 5am and go to the Gym, I will drop the kids at the house and go for a walk, bike ride or down to the river for a float.
Will I ignore my family?  No but I am not healthy, I am 220 lbs at 5'6", can I walk without gasping for air? No...
I look to return to the real me!

Gold mining

We are metal giants working as worker ants for man's greediness.  Raping mother nature for her precious hidden secrets.  Slaves to the demand for precious metals, that back the root of all evil.

You metal fingers rip her flesh, she is opened up and exposed and defenseless.  As you tear her insides out to find that gold you are after, you don't care what you destroy while taking it

You pretend to repair the damage you caused while taking what you wanted, leaving her tattered and ravished