Thursday, October 8, 2009

Meeting Monique

Meeting Monique:

I met Monique on a cold brisk Alaskan winter night. I was going to hang out in my favorite book store, when those big brown eyes and her cherry full lips caught my attention.

I knew I had to meet this woman.. But how would I do this? What if she blows me off? I looked at the book she was reading, and I knew the book, and the author’s work. I approached her, drawing all my self confidence together as I neared her.

Excuse me; is that “Winter Walk” by Loretta Outwater Cox? She looked up and smiled, Said, “yes it is, have you read it?” Her beautiful brown eyes were so memorizing. I smiled back, “Yes I have” She asked me to sit down and talk with her… My heart was beating so fast, I was so worried, would I even be able to talk, or would I just mumble and trip all over my words…

We introduced ourselves… We had lived in the same town, and even had some friend of common, but never met. This black haired, brown eye, full lips beautiful woman had the biggest smile… I felt like I already knew her. As she talked, I watched every detail, her body language, her eyes, her smile… I took in that sweet voice, her words sounded like music; her laugh was a back up singer to the words.

We finished up our drinks, and laughed and carried on for a while.. Then I had to know, “would you like to have dinner with me, Monique?” It seemed like hours, days; I could only hear my heart beat as I waited nervously for her answer. Her lips moved, that sweet voice, fell across my ears, “that would be very nice, Thank you, yes”

I had to make myself breathe in, she had said yes… she wanted to see me again.

We walked together to our cars, and said our good byes. As I watch her pull away, I was thinking to myself, that upcoming Friday is so far away, and would I ever make it through the week to get to see my new friend, Monique.

Seeing Monique Again:

Friday night came, I took a shower, trimmed up my beard, put on some nice clothes, and dealt with my butterflies in my stomach. I called Monique and she told me how to get to her house, and she mentioned she was excited to see me again…